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Posted: Friday, January 13, 2017 11:58 AM


Info...2017 Information on Infidelity Treatment, Divorce Counseling, Divorce AND Therapy methods, Relationship Counseling and Relationship Therapy...Why 90% of the time these behavioral methods and 12 step Support groups... Doesn't Work long term...

You Are About To Learn

The Most Controversial…

…And The Most Effective

Relationship Treatment

Ever Invented!

Note: This article takes 7 minutes to read.

I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get straight to the point:

This is not your traditional information on Divorce and Relationship Counseling.

If you’re looking for an EASY, LOWER COST alternative to traditional therapy you’ve found the right site.

This site can teach you something VERY different. Something VERY powerful.

But before you go further, I give you this warning: This isn’t like other websites.

On this site you’ll find exactly how to help the help you need. Period.

With knowledge comes Personal Responsibility without excuses…

To Read my complete article about an marriage/relationship Therapy and Infidelity Cure (including illustrations/pictures) click here:

More on Marriage/Relationship Infidelity Psychotherapy check out this program called "The Liberator Method" at:

Report 2015:

OK, so let’s get to the point…

You may have read the surveys asking WHAT MOST MEN THINK about counseling…

It just doesn’t work.

Most men ARE RIGHT…

Is it because counseling can be “Wasted Time and Energy”?…

“Emotional Masturbation”?

The Real Reason May Surprise You…

and, by the way, it isn’t WHAT SOME WOMEN BELIEVE…


“SUBCONSIOUSLY men suffering with relationship issues FEEL ASHAMED by the possibility that WE COULD BE WEAK FAILURES.”

Men are problem solvers by nature.

I am a man…writting from a man’s perspective…

Yet, most of us seeking change are resistant to counseling because we don’t believe in it.

If we problem-solving-men believed counseling would really work for us, we would seek it.

This is further reinforced by the fact that, at some point in time, all men seek and receive specialized knowledge and advice from a coach, professor, teacher, authority, spiritual figure, seminar presenter, etc.

So why our resistance to counseling?

Years ago, a behavioral study unearthed a shocking discovery about traditional counseling methods.

Many of those who enrolled in traditional counseling methods for addictions, compulsions, infidelity, relationship issues or other unwanted behaviors and thinking took longer to recover than those who didn’t!

There may be a variety of reasons that contribute to this, yet the most important is this:

We adults forget 90% of what’s ever happened to us. Through our childhood filters, we deem 10% ‘Important enough to remember’ and the rest is ‘lost’ to our subconscious.

This means, at best, most traditional counseling methods only have access to 10% of our significant information.

The unresolved core issues existing in our other 90% remain LOCKED AWAY, indelibly recorded in our brain…below our conscious awareness.

The Principle of Real Estate applies…”LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!”

You must LOCATE and ‘OWN’ (identify) the problem in order to FIX IT long term.

Dr. Erik Erikson, the famous psychologist (1902-1994) who proposed “The Eight Psychosocial Stages of Human Development”,

…found that unresolved childhood developmental tasks “leave a life-long residue of emotional immaturity.”

Bottom line…

Your original, immature, unidentified subconscious issues are controlling your behaviors—

A form of hypnotically induced ENCODING AND PROGRAMMING that continues to predetermine your future and your path.

More on this at:

In an attempt to fix your problem—these subconscious emotional immaturities—

traditional counseling gets you in touch with your feelings…an experience that can be very difficult for men to embrace.

And although expressing your feelings is beneficial and feels good, without locating the root issue, like your current relationship issues, it only provides a temporary “fix”.

In fact, I’ve known women who I’d call ‘counseling junkies’.

Traditional counseling can leave 90% of your issue untouched. This is why clients remain in traditional counseling for 18 months on average…

On top of this memory statistic, addictive behaviors are learned automatic responses to triggers.

This type of triggered learning was first explained by Russian Physician, Dr. Ivan Pavlov, and nicknamed named “Pavlov’s Law”.

Pavlov tested ringing a bell while simultaneously presenting dogs with food. Before long, the dogs ‘learned’ to salivate to the sound of the bell, without the food. The bell became a ‘trigger’ for the response of salivation.

Addictions have triggers just like the bell. On the 10% conscious level they don’t seem to make reasonable sense. The reasons lie in the 90%.

Obviously if a form of counseling worked and made logical sense, without taking years to complete, men would be more enthusiastic.

So, what’s the solution?

Scientists have shown that if you touch a precise location on the brain with an electrode, the memory stored in this location, and all the feelings associated with this memory, will surface.

Do you see what I see in this study?

If we could ‘touch’ the forgotten 90% of our traumatic, childhood memories locked deep in our subconscious…WE COULD SEE AND QUICKLY FIX THE ROOT CAUSE OF OUR BEHAVIORS (including troubled thinking)…no longer being endlessly controlled by the ‘personal bells’ that TRIGGER our ‘addictive’ responses.

I am reminded of my favorite DEFINITION OF INSANITY:

Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different outcome.

Talk about a WASTE OF TIME!

My name is Taz,

And I am about to DIRECT YOU TO EXPERIENCE the most profound and influential knowledge about Relationship Counseling known to man.

As “extreme” as that sounds, it is VERY true. Pay close attention.

Here’s the deal:

Human Behavior has never been a fascination for me. It’s been an Obsession.

For years I researched how to improve my behavior to be the best I could be…

…and although therapy is a valid part of our culture, and thousands of books have been written on the subject, it was TOO SLOW and TOO COSTLY for me…

I’m not talking about “that” kind of therapy.

I’m talking about the kind of instant change that I heard about with hypnosis, such as:

Losing 50 lbs in 6 MONTHS
Ending Depression
Relieving Anxiety
Smoking Cessation, etc.
However, as I continued to research these amazing results, I soon learned that:

Even clinical hypnosis wasn’t effect on certain addictions long term.

And no help for relationship issues.


Because removing the symptom doesn’t remove the root subconscious issue.

The core issue morphs into another form—a new symptom!

For example, a person quits smoking through hypnosis and then gains 30 LBS.
Still intrigued, I imagined what it would be like to access this ‘super power’ of ture release, if possible…

…but most of what I found ‘out there’ was useless for my ‘inner struggles’.

I had reached a point in my search where 99% of the info I found was regurgitated old information…the books, manuals and audio programs I purchased didn’t hold my interest.

They were too long, too complicated, and too much work—OR they just didn’t offer the RESULTS I WANTED.


For example: AA and SAA (and other 12 Step Programs)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Sex Addiction Anonymous (SAA) are hugely popular programs with, in my opinion, less than successful results (about a 5% remission rate).

I’m not here to bash AA—or any other 12 step-program. I acknowledge the value of these programs.

At the same time, I found several problems that I could not come to terms with.

1-The successful remission rate of people who independently quit an addiction is the same as SAA and AA…5%. This success rate was not high enough for me.

2-The necessity of believing in a higher power greater than myself in order to heal left me to assume that atheists would necessarily be excluded from this program. This conditional requirement results in excluding those who do not share a belief in a higher power. I was seeking a program that believes in me, as I am. I was not willing to accept conditions.

3-The statement “Hi I’m Taz and I’m an alcoholic” or (sex addict) did not feel entirely true to me. As a matter of fact, it felt downright disempowering.

The truth for me is this:

I come from a family of alcohol addiction, and although it is true that in the past (even if my past was yesterday) I have experienced myself as an alcoholic, this is NOT WHO I AM.


What I wanted was to acknowledge the truth of my past experience, access my own power, and then CHANGE MY FUTURE EXPERIENCE. I wanted to be able to drink alcohol in moderation—without abusing it, myself, or anyone else around me in the process.

Ditto all these for Relationship issues

Another example: Pastoral Counseling

My attempts to dominate, control, or overrule my behavior with SELF DISCIPLINE or SHEER WIILLPOWER, even with God’s help, didn’t work long term. Why?

They didn’t address my bottom line, subconscious issue…

…and Shame and Guilt don’t work long-term.

At the end of my rope, I found what EXACTLY what I was looking for…

I found a subculture of practitioners—therapists devoted to inspire human behavior on a level I never knew existed—

A group combining and practicing clinical psychology AND ‘core issue’ therapeutic healing methods…


Their methods came from a totally new fresh perspective founded on the work of the famous Dr. Viktor Frankl.

In his book Man’s Search for Meaning, this ‘father of LOGOTHERAPY’ stated, “Between stimulus and response there is a space…

…In that space is the power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”.

He would know about freedom and personal power…

He spent two years as an inmate in a Nazi Concentration Camp where many inhumane experiments were preformed on him.

What, exactly, is this Space he talks about?

It is the pause in time where we choose how we are going to respond to our stimulus.

Remember Pavlov’s dog? If we’ve become ‘Conditioned’ to salivate to a bell, we’ve inaccurately decided that the bell means food.

We’ve lost ‘control’ of our response. Our subconscious holds all sorts of these inaccurate decisions.

Now back to my point…

This group of practitioners also focused on hearing the deeper messages coming from this subconsciously closed Space—

the significant messages coming from the other 90% of your forgotten memories that have been LOCKED AWAY.

They spent very little time discussing symptoms.

One practitioner in this Select Group Stood Out.

Her name is Rhonda Christensen an she had unearthed and organized some VERY valuable and powerful information in her clinical therapy practice.

She knows how to unlock your subconscious mind and re-open the space between your stimulus and response.

In that space she shows you the choice you’ve made that continues to bind you to your inner struggles.

For the first time, you get to consciously re-decide your issue.

She named her program Rhonda looks like any other ‘normal’ person (you can see her on video) But when you talk with her you start to realize that there is something vastly different going on…

And I admit it:

At first I was as skeptical as they come—“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Well, let me tell you this:

When I SAW IT, it totally moved me.

That’s the day I found out that The Liberator Method is real … this stuff she’s talking about is VERY real.

My Name Is TAZ, and

I Am NO LONGER in a Struggling relationship!


I am a Raving Fan of this method!

Bottom line…

The information Rhonda offers is simply powerful. If you aren’t truly ready for change don’t tease yourself any longer…

The Liberator Method is only for people who are actively SEEKING knowledge.

What you’ll get from Rhonda’s method is a treasure map to the mental caverns of your subconscious mind…

You’ll see how your very own personal “subliminal messages” are holding your behaviors in “play.”


This is the ‘real deal’.

If you feel afraid you can’t handle something this straight forward…I understand. I was scare too...

If you are NOT WILLING TO OPEN YOUR 'subconscious' MIND…don’t waste another second reading.

For the rest of you, click below to view Rhonda’s website and get ready to remove the original programming.

…AND by the way this method is completely effective over the phone. You don’t even need to leave your own home.

Eliminate the cause and watch your relationship issues fade away…

Seriously…call her.

I hope you find this info useful!


The Liberator Method Web Page:

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• Rock Springs Canada 1: 100 Mile House, British Columbia 2: 108 Mile House, British Columbia 3: 108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia 4: 150 Mile House, British Columbia 5: Abbey, Saskatchewan 6: Abbotsford, British Columbia 7: Aberarder, Ontario 8: Abercorn, Quebec 9: Aberdeen, Saskatchewan 10: Abernethy, Saskatchewan 11: Abitibi Canyon, Ontario 12: Acadia Valley, Alberta 13: Acme, Alberta 14: Acton, Ontario 15: Acton Vale, Quebec 16: Adamsville, Quebec 17: Adolphustown, Ontario 18: Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia 19: Agassiz, British Columbia 20: Agassiz Provincial Forest, Manitoba 21: Aguanish, Quebec 22: Ahousat, British Columbia 23: Ailsa Craig, Ontario 24: Airdrie, Alberta 25: Ajax, Ontario 26: Aklavik, Northwest Territories 27: Alameda, Saskatchewan 28: Alban, Ontario 29: Albanel, Quebec 30: Albert, New Brunswick 31: Albert Mines, New Brunswick 32: Alberta Beach, Alberta 33: Alberton, Prince Edward Island 34: Alder Flats, Alberta 35: Aldergrove, British Columbia 36: Alderville First Nation, Ontario 37: Alert Bay, British Columbia 38: Alexander, Manitoba 39: Alexandria, Ontario 40: Alexis Creek, British Columbia 41: Alfred, Ontario 42: Algoma Mills, Ontario 43: Alida, Saskatchewan 44: Alix, Alberta 45: Alkali Lake, British Columbia 46: Allan, Saskatchewan 47: Allardville, New Brunswick 48: Alliance, Alberta 49: Alliston, Ontario 50: Alma, New Brunswick 51: Alma, Quebec 52: Almonte, Ontario 53: Alonsa, Manitoba 54: Alouette, Quebec 55: Alsask, Saskatchewan 56: Altario, Alberta 57: Altona, Manitoba 58: Alvena, Saskatchewan 59: Alvinston, Ontario 60: Amherst, Nova Scotia 61: Amherstburg, Ontario 62: Amos, Quebec 63: Amqui, Quebec 64: Ancaster, Ontario 65: Andrew, Alberta 66: Aneroid, Saskatchewan 67: Angliers, Quebec 68: Angus, Ontario 69: Anjou, Quebec 70: Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia 71: Anse-Saint-Jean, Quebec 72: Antigonish, Nova Scotia 73: Anzac, Alberta 74: Appleton, Newfoundland 75: Apsley, Ontario 76: Arborfield, Saskatchewan 77: Arborg, Manitoba 78: Archerwill, Saskatchewan 79: Arcola, Saskatchewan 80: Arden, Ontario 81: Ardrossan, Alberta 82: Argentia, Newfoundland 83: Argyle, Nova Scotia 84: Arichat, Nova Scotia 85: Arkell, Ontario 86: Arkona, Ontario 87: Armagh, Quebec 88: Armstrong, British Columbia 89: Armstrong, Ontario 90: Arnold`s Cove, Newfoundland 91: Arnprior, Ontario 92: Arrowwood, Alberta 93: Arthur, Ontario 94: Arundel, Quebec 95: Arviat, Nunavut 96: Asbestos, Quebec 97: Ascot, Quebec 98: Ascot Corner, Quebec 99: Ashcroft, British Columbia 100: Ashern, Manitoba 101: Ashmont, Alberta 102: Ashuapmushuan, Quebec 103: Asquith, Saskatchewan 104: Assiniboia, Saskatchewan 105: Assumption, Alberta 106: Aston-Jonction, Quebec 107: Athabasca, Alberta 108: Athens, Ontario 109: Atikokan, Ontario 110: Atlin, British Columbia 111: Attawapiskat, Ontario 112: Atwood, Ontario 113: Auburn, Ontario 114: Aurora, Ontario 115: Austin, Manitoba 116: Avola, British Columbia 117: Avondale, Newfoundland 118: Avonlea, Saskatchewan 119: Avonmore, Ontario 120: Ayer`s Cliff, Quebec 121: Aylesford, Nova Scotia 122: Aylmer, Ontario 123: Aylmer, Quebec 124: Ayr, Ontario 125: Ayton, Ontario 126: Azilda, Ontario 127: Baddeck, Nova Scotia 128: Baden, Ontario 129: Badger, Newfoundland 130: Bagotville, Quebec 131: Baie Verte, Newfoundland 132: Baie-Comeau, Quebec 133: Baie-de-Shawinigan, Quebec 134: Baie-des-Sables, Quebec 135: Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec 136: Baie-d`Urfe, Quebec 137: Baie-Johan-Beetz, Quebec 138: Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Quebec 139: Baie-St-Paul, Quebec 140: Baie-Ste-Anne, New Brunswick 141: Baie-Trinite, Quebec 142: Bailieboro, Ontario 143: Baker Brook, New Brunswick 144: Baker Lake, Nunavut 145: Bala, Ontario 146: Balcarres, Saskatchewan 147: Baldur, Manitoba 148: Balfour, British Columbia 149: Balgonie, Saskatchewan 150: Balmertown, Ontario 151: Balmoral, New Brunswick 152: Baltimore, Ontario 153: Bamfield, British Columbia 154: Bancroft, Ontario 155: Banff, Alberta 156: Barachois, Quebec 157: Barkmere, Quebec 158: Barons, Alberta 159: Barraute, Quebec 160: Barrhead, Alberta 161: Barrie, Ontario 162: Barriere, British Columbia 163: Barry`s Bay, Ontario 164: Barwick, Ontario 165: Bashaw, Alberta 166: Bass River, Nova Scotia 167: Bassano, Alberta 168: Basswood, Manitoba 169: Batawa, Ontario 170: Batchawana Bay, Ontario 171: Bath, New Brunswick 172: Bath, Ontario 173: Bathurst, New Brunswick 174: Batiscan, Quebec 175: Batteau, Newfoundland 176: Battle Harbour, Newfoundland 177: Battleford, Saskatchewan 178: Bauline, Newfoundland 179: Bawlf, Alberta 180: Bay Bulls, Newfoundland 181: Bay de Verde, Newfoundland 182: Bay L`Argent, Newfoundland 183: Bay Roberts, Newfoundland 184: Bayfield, Ontario 185: Baysville, Ontario 186: Beach Grove, British Columbia 187: Beachburg, Ontario 188: Beachville, Ontario 189: Beaconsfield, Quebec 190: Beamsville, Ontario 191: Bear Canyon, Alberta 192: Bear Lake, British Columbia 193: Bear River, Nova Scotia 194: Beardmore, Ontario 195: Bearskin Lake, Ontario 196: Bearskin Lake First Nation, Ontario 197: Bear`s Passage, Ontario 198: Beaucanton, Quebec 199: Beauceville, Quebec 200: Beauharnois, Quebec 201: Beaulac-Garthby, Quebec 202: Beaumont, Alberta 203: Beaumont, Newfoundland 204: Beaumont, Quebec 205: Beauport, Quebec 206: Beaupre, Quebec 207: Beausejour, Manitoba 208: Beauval, Saskatchewan 209: Beaver Cove, British Columbia 210: Beaver Creek, Yukon 211: Beaverdell, British Columbia 212: Beaverlodge, Alberta 213: Beaverton, Ontario 214: Becancour, Quebec 215: Bedeque, Prince Edward Island 216: Bedford, Quebec 217: Beechy, Saskatchewan 218: Beeton, Ontario 219: Beiseker, Alberta 220: Bell Island, Newfoundland 221: Bella Bella, British Columbia 222: Bella Coola, British Columbia 223: Belle Neige, Quebec 224: Belle River, Ontario 225: Belledune, New Brunswick 226: Bellefeuille, Quebec 227: Belleoram, Newfoundland 228: Belleterre, Quebec 229: Belleville, Ontario 230: Bellevue, Newfoundland 231: Straffordville, Ontario 3016: Strasbourg, Saskatchewan 3017: Stratford, Ontario 3018: Stratford, Prince Edward Island 3019: Stratford, Quebec 3020: Strathclair, Manitoba 3021: Strathmore, Alberta 3022: Strathroy, Ontario 3023: Stratton, Ontario 3024: Streetsville, Ontario 3025: Strome, Alberta 3026: Strongfield, Saskatchewan 3027: Stroud, Ontario 3028: Stukely-Sud, Quebec 3029: Sturgeon Falls, Ontario 3030: Sturgis, Saskatchewan 3031: Sudbury, Ontario 3032: Sultan, Ontario 3033: Summer Beaver, Ontario 3034: Summerford, Newfoundland 3035: Summerland, British Columbia 3036: Summerside, Newfoundland 3037: Summerside, Prince Edward Island 3038: Summerville, New Brunswick 3039: Summit Lake, British Columbia 3040: Sunderland, Ontario 3041: Sundre, Alberta 3042: Sundridge, Ontario 3043: Sunnyside, Newfoundland 3044: Surrey, British Columbia 3045: Sussex, New Brunswick 3046: Sutton, Ontario 3047: Sutton, Quebec 3048: Swan Hills, Alberta 3049: Swan Lake, Manitoba 3050: Swan River, Manitoba 3051: Swastika, Ontario 3052: Swift Current, Saskatchewan 3053: Swift River, Yukon 3054: Sydenham, Ontario 3055: Sydney, Nova Scotia 3056: Sylvan Lake, Alberta 3057: Taber, Alberta 3058: Tabusintac, New Brunswick 3059: Tachie, British Columbia 3060: Tadoule Lake, Manitoba 3061: Tadoussac, Quebec 3062: Tagish, Yukon 3063: Tahsis, British Columbia 3064: Tamworth, Ontario 3065: Tangier, Nova Scotia 3066: Tantallon, Saskatchewan 3067: Tara, Ontario 3068: Taschereau, Quebec 3069: Tasiujaq, Quebec 3070: Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia 3071: Tatla Lake, British Columbia 3072: Tavistock, Ontario 3073: Taylor, British Columbia 3074: Taylor Corners, Ontario 3075: Tecumseh, Ontario 3076: Teeswater, Ontario 3077: Telegraph Creek, British Columbia 3078: Telkwa, British Columbia 3079: Temagami, Ontario 3080: Temiscaming, Quebec 3081: Terra Nova, Newfoundland 3082: Terrace, British Columbia 3083: Terrace Bay, Ontario 3084: Terrasse Vaudreuil, Quebec 3085: Terrebonne, Quebec 3086: Terrenceville, Newfoundland 3087: Teslin, Yukon 3088: Tete-a-la-Baleine, Quebec 3089: Teulon, Manitoba 3090: Thamesford, Ontario 3091: Thamesville, Ontario 3092: The Eabametoong (Fort Hope) Fi, Ontario 3093: The Pas, Manitoba 3094: Thedford, Ontario 3095: Theodore, Saskatchewan 3096: Thessalon, Ontario 3097: Thessalon First Nation, Ontario 3098: Thetford Mines, Quebec 3099: Thicket Portage, Manitoba 3100: Thompson, Manitoba 3101: Thorburn, Nova Scotia 3102: Thorhild, Alberta 3103: Thornbury, Ontario 3104: Thorndale, Ontario 3105: Thorne, Ontario 3106: Thornhill, Ontario 3107: Thorold, Ontario 3108: Thorsby, Alberta 3109: Three Hills, Alberta 3110: Thrums, British Columbia 3111: Thunder Bay, Ontario 3112: Thurlow, Ontario 3113: Thurso, Quebec 3114: Tignish, Prince Edward Island 3115: Tilbury, Ontario 3116: Tilley, Alberta 3117: Tillsonburg, Ontario 3118: Timmins, Ontario 3119: Tingwick, Quebec 3120: Tisdale, Saskatchewan 3121: Tiverton, Ontario 3122: Toad River, British Columbia 3123: Tobermory, Ontario 3124: Tobique First Nation, New Brunswick 3125: Tofield, Alberta 3126: Tofino, British Columbia 3127: Togo, Saskatchewan 3128: Toledo, Ontario 3129: Tomahawk, Alberta 3130: Tompkins, Saskatchewan 3131: Topley, British Columbia 3132: Torbay, Newfoundland 3133: Toronto, Ontario 3134: Toronto Island, Ontario 3135: Torquay, Saskatchewan 3136: Torrington, Alberta 3137: Tottenham, Ontario 3138: Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick 3139: Trail, British Columbia 3140: Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan 3141: Treherne, Manitoba 3142: Tremblay, Quebec 3143: Trenton, Nova Scotia 3144: Trenton, Ontario 3145: Trepassey, Newfoundland 3146: Tribune, Saskatchewan 3147: Tring-Jonction, Quebec 3148: Triton, Newfoundland 3149: Trochu, Alberta 3150: Trois-Pistoles, Quebec 3151: Trois-Rivieres, Quebec 3152: Trout Creek, Ontario 3153: Trout Lake, Alberta 3154: Trout Lake, British Columbia 3155: Trout Lake, Northwest Territories 3156: Trout River, Newfoundland 3157: Trowbridge, Ontario 3158: Truro, Nova Scotia 3159: Tsay Keh Dene, British Columbia 3160: Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories 3161: Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories 3162: Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia 3163: Turner Valley, Alberta 3164: Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan 3165: Turtleford, Saskatchewan 3166: Tusket, Nova Scotia 3167: Tweed, Ontario 3168: Twillingate, Newfoundland 3169: Two Hills, Alberta 3170: Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island 3171: Ucluelet, British Columbia 3172: Udora, Ontario 3173: Umiujaq, Quebec 3174: Uniondale, Ontario 3175: Unionville, Ontario 3176: Unity, Saskatchewan 3177: Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland 3178: Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia 3179: Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia 3180: Upsala, Ontario 3181: Upton, Quebec 3182: Uranium City, Saskatchewan 3183: Utterson, Ontario 3184: Uxbridge, Ontario 3185: Val Marie, Saskatchewan 3186: Val-Alain, Quebec 3187: Val-Barrette, Quebec 3188: Val-Belair, Quebec 3189: Val-Brillant, Quebec 3190: Val-David, Quebec 3191: Val-des-Bois, Quebec 3192: Val-d`Or, Quebec 3193: Valcartier, Quebec 3194: Valcourt, Quebec 3195: Valemount, British Columbia 3196: Vallee-Jonction, Quebec 3197: Valley East, Ontario 3198: Valleyview, Alberta 3199: Vallican, British Columbia 3200: Van Anda, British Columbia 3201: Vancouver, British Columbia 3202: Vanderhoof, British Columbia 3203: Vanguard, Saskatchewan 3204: Vanier, Ontario 3205: Vanier, Quebec 3206: Vankleek Hill, Ontario 3207: Vanscoy, Saskatchewan 3208: Varennes, Quebec 3209: Vaudreuil, Quebec 3210: Vaudreuil Dorion, Quebec 3211: Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac, Quebec 3212: Vaughan, Ontario 3213: Vauxhall, Alberta 3214: Vavenby, British Columbia 3215: Vegreville, Alberta 3216: Venise-en-Quebec, Quebec 3217: Vercheres, Quebec 3218: Verdun, Quebec 3219: Vermilion, Alberta 3220: Vermilion Bay, Ontario 3221: Verner, Ontario 3222: Vernon, British Columbia 3223: Vernon River, Prince Edward Island 3224: Verona, Ontario 3225: Veteran, Alberta 3226: Vibank, Saskatchewan 3227: Victoria, British Columbia 3228: Victoria, Newfoundland 3229: Victoria, Ontario 3230: Victoriaville, Quebec 3231: View Royal, British Columbia 3232: Viking, Alberta 3233: Ville-Marie, Quebec 3234: Vilna, Alberta 3235: Vimont, Quebec 3236: Vineland, Ontario 3237: Virden, Manitoba 3238: Virginiatown, Ontario 3239: Viscount, Saskatchewan 3240: Vita, Manitoba 3241: Vonda, Saskatchewan 3242: Vulcan, Alberta 3243: Waasagomach, Manitoba 3244: Wabamun, Alberta 3245: Wabana, Newfoundland 3246: Wabigoon, Ontario 3247: Wabowden, Manitoba 3248: Wabush, Newfoundland 3249: Wadena, Saskatchewan 3250: Wainfleet, Ontario 3251: Wainwright, Alberta 3252: Wakaw, Saskatchewan 3253: Wakefield, Quebec 3254: Walden, Ontario 3255: Waldheim, Saskatchewan 3256: Walkerton, Ontario 3257: Wallace, Nova Scotia 3258: Wallaceburg, Ontario 3259: Walsh, Alberta 3260: Walton, Nova Scotia 3261: Wandering River, Alberta 3262: Wanham, Alberta 3263: Wanless, Manitoba 3264: Wapekeka First Nation, Ontario 3265: Wapella, Saskatchewan 3266: Warburg, Alberta 3267: Warden, Quebec 3268: Wardsville, Ontario 3269: Warkworth, Ontario 3270: Warman, Saskatchewan 3271: Warner, Alberta 3272: Warren, Ontario 3273: Warspite, Alberta 3274: Warwick, Quebec 3275: Wasaga Beach, Ontario 3276: Wasagaming, Manitoba 3277: Waskaganish, Quebec 3278: Waskatenau, Alberta 3279: Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan 3280: Waswanipi, Quebec 3281: Waterdown, Ontario 3282: Waterford, Ontario 3283: Waterhen, Manitoba 3284: Waterloo, Ontario 3285: Waterloo, Quebec 3286: Waterville, Quebec 3287: Watford, Ontario 3288: Watrous, Saskatchewan 3289: Watson, Saskatchewan 3290: Watson Lake, Yukon 3291: Waubaushene, Ontario 3292: Waverley, Nova Scotia 3293: Wawa, Ontario 3294: Wawanesa, Manitoba 3295: Wawota, Saskatchewan 3296: Webb, Saskatchewan 3297: Webbwood, Ontario 3298: Webequie, Ontario 3299: Wedgeport, Nova Scotia 3300: Weedon, Quebec 3301: Weedon Centre, Quebec 3302: Welcome, Ontario 3303: Welland, Ontario 3304: Wellandport, Ontario 3305: Wellesley, Ontario 3306: Wellington, Ontario 3307: Wellington, Prince Edward Island 3308: Wells, British Columbia 3309: Welsford, New Brunswick 3310: Welwyn, Saskatchewan 3311: Wembley, Alberta 3312: Wemindji, Quebec 3313: Wendover, Quebec 3314: Wesleyville, Newfoundland 3315: West Brome, Quebec 3316: West Guilford, Ontario 3317: West Lincoln, Ontario 3318: West Lorne, Ontario 3319: West Vancouver, British Columbia 3320: Westbank, British Columbia 3321: Westbury, Quebec 3322: Western Bay, Newfoundland 3323: Westfield, New Brunswick 3324: Westlock, Alberta 3325: Westmeath, Ontario 3326: Westmount, Quebec 3327: Westport, Newfoundland 3328: Westport, Ontario 3329: Westree, Ontario 3330: Westville, Nova Scotia 3331: Westwold, British Columbia 3332: Wetaskiwin, Alberta 3333: Weyburn, Saskatchewan 3334: Weymouth, Nova Scotia 3335: Whale Cove, Nunavut 3336: Wheatley, Ontario 3337: Whistler, British Columbia 3338: Whitbourne, Newfoundland 3339: Whitby, Ontario 3340: Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario 3341: White Fox, Saskatchewan 3342: White River, Ontario 3343: White Rock, British Columbia 3344: Whitecourt, Alberta 3345: Whitefish, Ontario 3346: Whitefish Falls, Ontario 3347: Whitefish River First Nation, Ontario 3348: Whitehorse, Yukon 3349: Whitelaw, Alberta 3350: Whitemouth, Manitoba 3351: Whitewood, Saskatchewan 3352: Whitney, Ontario 3353: Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia 3354: Wiarton, Ontario 3355: Wickham, Quebec 3356: Widewater, Alberta 3357: Wikwemikong, Ontario 3358: Wilberforce, Ontario 3359: Wilcox, Saskatchewan 3360: Wildwood, Alberta 3361: Wilkie, Saskatchewan 3362: Williams Lake, British Columbia 3363: Williamsburg, Ontario 3364: Willingdon, Alberta 3365: Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan 3366: Willowbrook, British Columbia 3367: Winchester, Ontario 3368: Windermere, Ontario 3369: Windsor, Nova Scotia 3370: Windsor, Ontario 3371: Windsor, Quebec 3372: Windthorst, Saskatchewan 3373: Winfield, Alberta 3374: Winfield, British Columbia 3375: Wingham, Ontario 3376: Winkler, Manitoba 3377: Winnipeg, Manitoba 3378: Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba 3379: Winnipegosis, Manitoba 3380: Winona, Ontario 3381: Winter Harbour, British Columbia 3382: Winterton, Newfoundland 3383: Wiseton, Saskatchewan 3384: Wishart, Saskatchewan 3385: Witless Bay, Newfoundland 3386: Woburn, Quebec 3387: Woking, Alberta 3388: Wolfville, Nova Scotia 3389: Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan 3390: Wolseley, Saskatchewan 3391: Wonowon, British Columbia 3392: Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan 3393: Woodbridge, Ontario 3394: Woodridge, Manitoba 3395: Woodstock, New Brunswick 3396: Woodstock, Ontario 3397: Woodville, Ontario 3398: Woody Point, Newfoundland 3399: Wooler, Ontario 3400: Worsley, Alberta 3401: Wotton, Quebec 3402: Wrentham, Alberta 3403: Wrigley, Northwest Territories 3404: Wunnummin Lake, Ontario 3405: Wynndel, British Columbia 3406: Wynyard, Saskatchewan 3407: Wyoming, Ontario 3408: Yahk, British Columbia 3409: Yale, British Columbia 3410: Yamachiche, Quebec 3411: Yamaska, Quebec 3412: Yamaska-Est, Quebec 3413: Yarker, Ontario 3414: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 3415: Yellow Creek, Saskatchewan 3416: Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan 3417: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories 3418: York, Ontario 3419: Yorkton, Saskatchewan 3420: Youbou, British Columbia 3421: Young, Saskatchewan 3422: Youngstown, Alberta 3423: Young`s Cove Road, New Brunswick 3424: Zealandia, Saskatchewan 3425: Zeballos, British Columbia 3426: Zenon Park, Saskatchewan 3427: Zurich, Ontario US Cities all Aberdeen, S.D. Abilene, Texas Acadia National Park, Maine Adak, Alaska Akron - Canton, Ohio Alamogordo, N.M. Alamosa, Colo. Albany, N.Y. Albuquerque, N.M. Alexandria, La. Allentown, Pa. Alpena, Mich. Altus, Okla Amarillo, Texas Anchorage, Alaska Apalachicola, Fla. Asheville, N.C. Aspen, Colo. Astoria, Ore. Athens, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Augusta, Ga. Austin, Texas Bakersfield, Calif. Baltimore, Md. Banner Elk, N.C. Barbers Point, Hawaii Bar Harbor, Maine Barre - Montpelier (Green Mountains), Vt. Barrow, Alaska Baton Rouge, La. Bay Saint Louis, Miss. Beaufort - Hilton Head Island, S.C. Beaumont - Port Arthur, Texas Beckley, W.Va. Beeville, Texas Big Bend National Park, Texas Billings, Mont. Biloxi, Miss. Binghamton, N.Y. Birmingham, Ala. Bishop, Calif. Bismarck, N.D. Boston, Mass. Bridgeport, Conn. Brighton (Wasatch Mountains), Utah Bristol (Tri-Cities), Tenn. Brownsville, Texas Brunswick, Maine Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah Buffalo, N.Y. Burlington, Vt. Cape Hatteras, N.C. Caribou, Maine Carlsbad Caverns National Park, N.M. Casper, Wyo. Charleston, S.C. Charleston, W.Va. Charlotte, N.C. Chattanooga, Tenn. Cheyenne, Wyo. Chicago, Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio Clayton, N.M. Cleveland, Ohio Clovis, N.M. Crater Lake National Park, Ore. Cocoa Beach, Fla. Colorado Springs, Colo. Columbia, Mo. Columbia, S.C. Columbus, Ga. Columbus, Miss. Columbus, Ohio Concord, N.H. Concordia, Kan. Corpus Christi, Texas Covington, Ky. Crested Butte, Colo. Daggett, Calif. Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas Davenport, Iowa Dayton, Ohio Daytona Beach, Fla. Death Valley National Park, Calif. Denali National Park (Mount McKinley), Alaska Denver, Colo. Del Rio, Texas Des Moines, Iowa Detroit, Mich. Dodge City, Kan. Dover, Del. Dubuque, Iowa Duluth, Minn. Elkins (Canaan Valley), W.Va. Elko, Nev. El Paso, Texas Ely, Nev. Enid, Okla. Erie, Pa. Eugene, Ore. Eureka, Calif. Evansville, Ind. Fairbanks, Alaska Fallon, Nev. Fargo, N.D. Fayetteville, N.C. Flagstaff, Ariz. Flint, Mich. Fort Myers, Fla. Fort Smith, Ark. Fort Wayne, Ind. Fresno, Calif. Gainesville, Fla. Galveston, Texas Gatlinburg, Tenn. Gila Bend, Ariz. Glacier National Park, Mont. Glasgow, Mont. Glenview, Ill. Goldsboro, N.C. Goodland, Kan. Government Camp (Cascade Mountains), Ore. Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz. Grand Forks, N.D. Grand Island, Neb. Grand Junction, Colo. Grand Rapids, Mich. Great Falls, Mont. Grand Teton National Park (Jackson Hole), Wyo. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Green Bay, Wis. Greensboro, N.C. Greenville - Spartanburg, S.C. Gulfport, Miss. Harrisburg, Pa. Hartford, Conn. Havre, Mont. Helena, Mont. Hilo, Hawaii Hondo, Texas Honolulu, Hawaii Hot Springs National Park, Ark. Houghton Lake, Mich. Houston, Texas Huntington, W.Va. Huntsville, Ala. Huron, S.D. Indianapolis, Ind. International Falls, Minn. Isle Royale National Park, Mich. Islip (Long Island), N.Y. Jackson, Ky. Jackson, Miss. Jacksonville, Fla. Jacksonville, N.C. Junction City - Manhattan, Kan. Juneau, Alaska Kahului, Hawaii Kalispell, Mont. Kansas City, Kan. Kansas City, Mo. Key West, Fla. Killeen, Texas Kingsville, Texas Klamath Falls, Ore. Knoxville, Tenn. La Crosse, Wis. Lake Charles, La. Lake Havasu, Ariz. Lakehurst, N.J. Lake Placid (Adirondack Mountains), N.Y. Lake Tahoe Lander, Wyo. Lansing, Mich. Las Vegas, Nev. Lawton, Okla. Lemoore, Calif. Lewes - Rehoboth Beach, Del. Lewiston, Idaho Lexington, Ky. Lexington Park, Md. Lihue, Hawaii Lincoln, Neb. Little Rock, Ark. Long Beach, Calif. Los Angeles (Downtown), Calif. Los Angeles (Los Angeles Intl. Airport), Calif. Louisville, Ky. Lubbock, Texas Lynchburg, Va. Macon, Ga. Madison, Wis. Mansfield, Ohio Marquette, Mich. Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Mascoutah, Ill. Medford, Ore. Melbourne, Fla. Memphis, Tenn. Meridian, Miss. Miami, Fla. Midland - Odessa, Texas Miles City, Mont. Milford, Utah Milton (Blue Hills Observatory), Mass. Milwaukee, Wis. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. Minot, N.D. Missoula, Mont. Mobile, Ala. Moline, Ill. Monterey, Calif. Montgomery, Ala. Moses Lake, Wash. Mount Rainier National Park, Wash. Mount Washington (White Mountains), N.H. Muskegon, Mich. Myrtle Beach, S.C. Nantucket, Mass. Nashville, Tenn. New Bern, N.C. New Orleans, La. Newport, R.I. New York (J.F.K. Intl. Airport), N.Y. New York (La Guardia Airport), N.Y. New York (Manhattan), N.Y. Nome, Alaska Norfolk, Neb. Norfolk (Tidewater area), Va. North Platte, Neb. Oakland, Calif. Ocean City, Md. Oceanside, Calif. Ogden, Utah Oklahoma City, Okla. Olympia, Wash. Olympic National Park, Wash. Omaha, Neb. Ontario, Calif. Orlando, Fla. Oxnard, Calif. Paducah, Ky. Palm Springs, Calif. Panama City, Fla. Parkersburg, W.Va. Pendleton, Ore. Pensacola, Fla. Peoria, Ill. Peru, Ind. Philadelphia, Pa. Phoenix, Ariz. Pinkham Notch (White Mountains), N.H. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pocatello, Idaho Port Angeles, Wash. Portland, Maine Portland, Ore. Portsmouth, N.H. Providence, R.I. Provincetown (Cape Cod), Mass. Pueblo, Colo. Quantico, Va. Quillayute, Wash. Raleigh, N.C. Rapid City, S.D. Red Bluff, Calif. Redding, Calif. Richmond, Va. Ridgecrest, Calif. Roanoke, Va. Rochester, Minn. Rochester, N.Y. Rockford, Ill. Rocky Mountain National Park Rome - Utica, N.Y. Roswell, N.M. Sacramento, Calif. St. Cloud, Minn. St. George, Utah St. Joseph, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. St. Robert, Mo. Salt Lake City, Utah Salem, Ore. San Angelo, Texas San Antonio, Texas San Diego, Calif. San Francisco (Downtown), Calif. San Francisco (San Francisco Intl. Airport), Calif. Santa Barbara, Calif. Santa Maria, Calif. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Savannah, Ga. Scottsbluff, Neb. Seattle - Tacoma, Wash. Shenandoah National Park, Va. Sheridan, Wyo. Shreveport, La. Sioux City, Iowa Sioux Falls, S.D. South Bend, Ind. Spokane, Wash. Springfield, Ill. Springfield, Mass. Springfield, Mo. Stampede Pass (Cascade Mountains), Wash. Steamboat Springs, Colo. Sterling, Va. Stockbridge, Mass. Stockton, Calif. Sumter, S.C. Sun Valley, Idaho Syracuse, N.Y. Tallahassee, Fla. Tampa - St. Petersburg, Fla. Taos, N.M. Toledo, Ohio Topeka, Kan. Tucson, Ariz. Tupelo, Miss. Twentynine Palms, Calif. Valdosta, Ga. Valentine, Neb. Vero Beach, Fla. Victoria, Texas Virginia Beach, Va. Walla Walla, Wash. Waco, Texas Washington, D.C. Waterloo, Iowa Watertown, N.Y. Wendover, Utah West Palm Beach, Fla. Whidbey Island, Wash. Wichita, Kan. Wichita Falls, Texas Williamsport, Pa. Williston, N.D. Wilkes - Barre/ Scranton, Pa. Wilmington, Del. Wilmington, N.C. Winnemucca, Nev. Winslow, Ariz. Worcester, Mass. Yakima, Wash. Yellowstone National Park, Wyo. Yosemite National Park, Calif. Youngstown, Ohio Yuma, Ariz. Zion National Park, Utah New York 2 Los Angeles California 3 Chicago Illinois & 4 Houston Texas & 5 Phoenix Arizona & 6 Philadelphia Pennsylvania & 7 San Antonio Texas & 8 Dallas Texas & 9 San Diego California & 10 San Jose California 11 Detroit Michigan & 12 San Francisco California & 13 Jacksonville Florida & 14 Indianapolis e[›] Indiana & 15 Austin Texas & 16 Columbus Ohio & 17 Fort Worth Texas & 18 Charlotte North Carolina & 19 Memphis Tennessee & 20 Baltimore f[›] Maryland & 21 El Paso Texas & 22 Boston Massachusetts & 23 Milwaukee Wisconsin & 24 Denver Colorado & 25 Seattle Washington & 26 Nashville e[›] Tennessee & 27 Washington District of Columbia & 28 Las Vegas Nevada & 29 Portland Oregon & 30 Louisville e[›] Kentucky & 31 Oklahoma City Oklahoma & 32 Tucson Arizona & 33 Atlanta Georgia & 34 Albuquerque New Mexico &0000000000521999.000000521,999 35 Fresno California &0000000000476050.000000476,050 36 Sacramento California &0000000000463794.000000463,794 37 Long Beach California &0000000000463789.000000463,789 38 Mesa Arizona &0000000000463552.000000463,552 39 Kansas City Missouri &0000000000451572.000000451,572 40 Omaha Nebraska &0000000000438646.000000438,646 41 Cleveland Ohio &0000000000433748.000000433,748 42 Virginia Beach f[›] Virginia &0000000000433746.000000433,746 43 Miami Florida &0000000000413201.000000413,201 44 Oakland California &0000000000404155.000000404,155 45 Raleigh North Carolina &0000000000392552.000000392,552 46 Tulsa Oklahoma &0000000000385635.000000385,635 47 Minneapolis Minnesota &0000000000382605.000000382,605 48 Colorado Springs Colorado &0000000000380307.000000380,307 49 Honolulu b[›] Hawaii &0000000000374676.000000374,676 50 Arlington Texas &0000000000374417.000000374,417 51 Wichita Kansas &0000000000366046.000000366,046 52 St. Louis f[›] Missouri &0000000000354361.000000354,361 53 Tampa Florida &0000000000340882.000000340,882 54 Santa Ana California &0000000000339130.000000339,130 55 Anaheim California &0000000000335288.000000335,288 56 Cincinnati Ohio &0000000000333336.000000333,336 57 Bakersfield California &0000000000321078.000000321,078 58 Aurora Colorado &0000000000319057.000000319,057 59 New Orleans Louisiana &0000000000311853.000000311,853 60 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania &0000000000310037.000000310,037 61 Riverside California &0000000000295357.000000295,357 62 Toledo Ohio &0000000000293201.000000293,201 63 Stockton California

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